February 2, 2018

About Genesis Pools!

Genesis Pools is a locally owned and individually operated pool business. We service and maintain above ground and in-ground swimming pools. We focus the majority of our business on weekly maintenance, openings, and closings.

Pool Opening, Maintenance & Closing

You and I both know that open, maintaining, and closing a pool is a lot more work than it sounds. We strive to take all that heavy lifting off of you at the most affordable prices in the Middlesex area. We also have cash discounts along with great packaged rates for combining pool services.

Our main objective is to clear and clean pools quickly. That being said, if you have cloudy, green pool water, or lots of algae & debris on the bottom, we want to help you right now!

Our Services

Our services include (but are not limited to) cleaning, opening, closing, maintenance and repairs.

Genesis Pools repair in ground pools and above ground pools, and replace filter and pump equipment.

Pool Diagnostics Services

If you find yourself with any question about the current condition of your pool or equipment, you are one phone call away from our 100% free advice and telephone estimates. We would love to schedule an appointment and come out to diagnose your problem!