February 2, 2018

Swimming Pool Repair

We repair all types of pools and pool equipment. No matter the problem, we have a solution, please call to get started with a free estimate.

We fix: Filters, pumps, pool plumbing, pool surfaces, decks, walls, skimmers, leaks, and more.

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pumps usually last 10 to 20 years. Pool pumps are driven by an electric motor, usually, when there is a problem, it is with the motor, not the pump. When you begin having problems with your pump, you have three choices:

  1. Repair
  2. Replace with an aftermarket motor
  3. Replace with OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

If you are considering replacing your motor, we recommend installing a variable speed pool pump. These new pool pump motors pay for themselves within a couple years by saving on the cost of electricity.

Pool Pumps tend to get noisy/loud before they stop working. If you pump is getting loud, call us before your system goes down.

Pool Filter Repair

There is not a whole lot that goes wrong with pool filters. The very few if any moving parts. Most filter concerns can be traced to a bad o-ring / gasket, cracked piece of plastic, or a rip in the filter element. We repair or replace the sand filter, Diatomaceous earth filters, and cartridge style.

Sand filters should have new installed every four-five years.

In-Ground Pool Repair

Pool Leak Repair

Pool Liner Repair

Inground Pool Plaster Repair

Pool plumbing Repair

Pool Heater Repair