February 2, 2018

Pool Opening Service

Average Estimated Cost – In-ground: $225.00 – $435 Above-ground: $175 – $225

Get in contact with us early to schedule your pool opening for this spring. Our opening schedule fills up very quickly. There are two types of de-winterizing services that we offer, and this page was designed to offer advice guide you step-by-step to the best possible choice of service for your specific pool.

The majority of our pool openings involve pools that have have been recently kept up with. However, we also equipped and prepared to open pools (and conduct any common necessary repairs) that have been closed for two or more years.

Bringing your pool back to life for the summer is a fairly simple process for most pools. The typical process for opening our customer’s pools is as follows: take off the cover, remove and winterizing plugs, install plugs for the filter and pump (sometimes replace), and nuking your pool with NSF certified chlorine. A good chunk of our client’s pools utilizes mesh covers to winterize their pool. Unfortunately, these types of covers typically get extremely dirty over the winter. To combat this, we offer a special vacuuming and cleaning in order to get the water to clear up extremely quickly. This vacuuming and cleaning service is generally NOT included, and are either to be added to when scheduling your opening or set as a separate service date.

Genesis Pools services swimming pools that are equipped with automatic pool covers, chlorine generators, spa’s, all types of filtration systems, sanitation systems UV, and also control systems. Despite your pool configuration, our service techs can handle the job with care and professionalism.

In-ground Swimming Pool Opening Costs

Our customers typically pay $225.00 to have their in-ground swimming pools opened. If the pool is to exceed about 26,000 gallons, we have to charge more for the initial chemicals required to kickstart your pool.

What’s Included In Our Pool Opening

Our process begins with removing the cover and bagging it up. We will just need to know where you would like us to put it for you. We then will super-shock the water to destroy a vast majority of the algae buildup from the winter season. Also, the pool pump and filter both need to be de-winterized and installed correctly. The swimming pool’s plumbing needs to be de-winterized, along with the winter plugs being removed and installing directionals for the water. Along with all of that, we will also install any handrails, ladders, and skimmer baskets that you may have. If the walls of the pool are in need of a brushing right after the opening we can handle that as well.

Here’s What Is Not Included In Our Basic Pool Opening Package

  • Removing any type of tarp-style swimming pool covers that may or may not include water bags (this is included if all water is pumped off BEFORE.)
  • In-Ground Swimming Pool floor systems (this is an extra $50)
  • Waterfalls De-winterization and Setup (this is an extra $50)
  • Pool Vacuuming (see the description down below)
  • Removing water and other debris from the pool cover (this is an extra $50)
  • Water balancing – While we will always do our “mega shock” for every pool opening, actual water balancing is not included.
  • While our company does install salt cells, we will not test for the water’s salinity
  • Spa or Inground Hot Tub Setup (this is an extra $50)

Premium Vacuuming Service

The need of this service completely depends on the type of pool cover you are using. If you are using a mesh-type cover, this initial vacuuming service is 100% recommended. We charge $150.00 to vacuum the thick initial algae and dirt straight to waste with our equipment. “Straight to waste” means taking that dirt and algae directly out of the pool. We do this so all of that crud doesn’t go through your filtration equipment, preventing the pump and filter from becoming inefficient and over-worked. On top of being cautious of the health of your equipment, this service also clears up your pool extremely quickly, allowing you to be able to swim much sooner after the opening than you would have been able to if you didn’t get this initial vacuuming service.

Here is a quick video I made to show one of our customers hoiw our premium vacuuming service can help get their pool from filty to swimmable in only a couple days.

Premium Vacuuming Service Expectations & Results

When opening a pool and the bottom of the pool cannot be seen because of dark algae, getting a perfect vacuum is quite the challenge. As the water begins to clear from the mega-shock, you may start to be able to see small areas in which we missed with the vacuum head and brushes due to the dirtiness of the water from the wintertime. We do an amazing job hitting the majority of the floor of the pool while working blind. Like stated above, this vacuuming takes so much stress off of your filtration system, allowing it to clear the pool so much faster than if all that dirt and algae were going through it.

You will most likely see some dust-like substance lying at the bottom of the pool after the opening service. This is called suspended algae, which form when the chlorine from the shock kills the living bacteria in the algae, causing it to sink to the bottom of the pool. This buildup cannot be avoided when your pool is loaded with algae from the winter. Due to this happening fairly often, we do offer a follow-up cleaning visit for $75, which will clear up any remaining bacteria and polish up your pool.

Opening Service – Let’s cut to the chase

We typically only have to charge $225.00 to open our customer’s pools. However, those who will be needing the initial vacuuming service (mesh cover owners) will be paying $375 (an additional $150). The pool opening prices above INCLUDE CHEMICALS. My crew and I do an extremely thorough job when opening the pool and cleaning it up. We will ALWAYS alert you of any issues or concerns that we may run across when servicing your pool. Genesis Pools thrives off of transparency, and our customers love when we are up-front about things we notice instead of leaving it up to them to find any issues or concerns that may be apparent.

If we open your swimming pool with our initial premium vacuuming service, your pool will be ready to swim in anywhere from 1-3 days after opening. However, this estimate assumes that your filter is working properly.

Above Ground Pool Opening – How Much Does It Cost?

It is going to cost from $175.00 – $225.00 to open the majority of above ground pools. Above-ground pools typically are covered using a hard/solid cover, meaning the water underneath your pool is going to be clean already.

What’s Included With An Above-Ground Opening

If a minimal amount of water and leaves exists on top of your cover, we have no problem taking care of that for you. We will then remove and fold up the cover for you. Your pump and filter need to be properly de-winterized and hooked up, which we take care of. The skimmer basket and return jets are also reinstalled along with us “mega-shocking” the pool.

Here’s What Is Not Included

We expect the top of the cover of your pool to have little water and leaves on top of it, but we charge extra if removing the water and extra leaves is going to take an extra 20 minutes or more to remove. Vacuuming services are not included in the $225.00. Also for insurance reasons, we will not install any ladders for insurance reasons. Lastly, we expect that your filter was properly cleaned and de-winterized from the prior season since we do not offer a filter-cleaning service at the time of the pool opening.

Extra Service Fees For You To Avoid

If any additional pool services are required, we charge $75.00 per half hour more it takes. If you want us to vacuum your above-ground pool after it has been opened, we will need to come back at a later date. This vacuum service visit will cost $75.00 for the visit and additional $75.00 for a thorough vacuum of the pool.

Above-ground Opening Service Conclusion

The majority of our customer’s above-ground pools can be opened as well as treated with the proper chemicals for $175.00 to $225.00. Above-ground pools are typically ready to swim in within 24 – 48 hours, assuming that your pool cover hasn’t fallen into the pool or that the pool wasn’t closed dirty.

Partial Pool Opening Service – Save $50

Our partial pool opening service has been becoming extremely more popular over the recent years. You can save $50.00 off of the pool opening by removing the cover of the pool yourself.

Opening Vacant Pools That Have Been Closed For Multiple Years (2+)

Due to the fact that these services require multiple visits from our team and many additional hours, it is tough to put an exact price on the service. We will be more than happy to access your situation and give you a free quote, but this service is typically around the $475.00 to $600.00 range.

Pricing Disclosure

As we do our best to give you the most accurate price to service your specific pool, it is important to remember that every pool is different and can have complications when opening that didn’t exist the previous year. Genesis Pools and all other pool companies are frequently replacing skimming and pump baskets, along with broken or missing O-rings. Repairing and replacing these materials come with an extra expense, but are imperative to the health and functionality of your pool.

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